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School Report Cards

SC School and District Report Cards

The release of the 2018 South Carolina School Report Cards is an important milestone for our state.  The SC Education Oversight Committee, the SC Department of Education, and other key stakeholders, have spent the last three years developing an accountability system that will inform the public of the status of public schools while meeting the mandates of state and federal law. The Report Cards give South Carolinians and those who may move to this great state, a glimpse into how schools are performing in ten key areas. These key areas, known as performance indicators, provide information about schools. Some indicators are Rated; others are just reported. The indicators reflect our aspirations for our schools. We want them to show students reaching levels of proficiency, as well as show the growth students are making in one academic year. We want all students graduating on-time, within four years, and meeting the expectations of college- and career-readiness. We want all students to meet the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, ready to start a career or enter a two- or four-year university. To meet the workforce demands of the 21st century, all students should graduate college- or career-ready.

We hope the results from the Report Cards will start productive conversations in our communities about improving and supporting schools and students. Some of the indicators provide important information about schools that aren’t part of the Rating; that information is still important for the public to understand.

We encourage stakeholders to talk about the results and ask questions of your school and school district leaders. By asking meaningful questions, we can develop and implement improvement strategies that can make a difference going forward. We are ALL part of the solution in helping schools and students.  Please join us.

School Report Card Website 


2022-23 Accountability Manual for School Report Cards, updated May 18, 2023 (PDF)

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        The Added-Value Growth Model (adopted by EOC, April 2022) PDF updated May 11, 2023

        Introduction to Student Growth Targets, authored by Education Analytics (November 20, 2022)

        Information on the Added-Value Growth Model, July 2022

2021-22 Accountability Manual for School Report Cards (corrected version published October 10, 2022)

SY 2021-22 Accountability Manual FAQs about Indicators, Metrics, and Procedures for Accountability (PDF published March 15, 2022)

2021-22 Accountability Manual for School Report Cards (published January 31, 2022) 


2020-21 Accountability Manual for School Report Cards (published June 25, 2021) 

2019-20 Accountability Manual for School Report Cards (published July 31, 2020) 


2019 Report Cards

Summary of the Overall Ratings and Indicators, 2019 Report Cards (PDF, 10/1/2019)

2018-19 Accountability Manual (for the School Report Cards to be published in October 2019), (PDF published May 31, 2019; revised 7/25/19)

Addendum to the Accountability Manual (Student Progress indicator, (PDF published September 27, 2019) 

Information for Educators

Information for Families and Communities