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EOC adopts statewide profile of the graduate

Mon, 09/17/2018

Profile of SC Graduate: World Class Knowledge, World Class Skill, Life and Career CharacteristicsColumbia – At its February 9 meeting, the Education Oversight Committee (EOC) adopted the “Profile of the South Carolina Graduate”, a set of skills and characteristics that are critical for all graduates of high schools in South Carolina. Originally written by a group of South Carolina school district superintendents in 2012, the profile has also been adopted and approved by the South Carolina Association of School Administrators Superintendent’s Roundtable, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, and the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness.

“The profile of the graduate reminds us all what the end-goal is for students that move on to careers either before or after continuing their education beyond high school,” said David Whittemore, Chairman of the EOC. “Rigorous standards focused on the knowledge that young people need are important but the profile reminds us that life and career characteristics like perseverance and self-direction are critical for success as well.”

Whittemore, a businessman from Easley, explained that the concerns of business often point to today’s graduates lacking skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and “soft-skills” like integrity and a strong work ethic. “Families and communities also have an important role in helping our children develop these life skills.”

The SC Education Oversight Committee is an independent, non-partisan group made up of 18 educators, business persons, and elected leaders. Created in 1998, the committee is dedicated to reporting facts, measuring change, and promoting progress within South Carolina’s education system.