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The South Carolina Education Oversight Committee (EOC) is an independent, nonpartisan group made up of 18 educators, business people, and elected officials who have been appointed by the legislature and governor to enact the South Carolina Education Accountability Act of 1998. The Act sets standards for improving the state's K-12 educational system.

The EOC provides regular, routine and ongoing review of the state's education improvement process, assesses how our schools are doing and evaluates the standards our schools must meet to build the education system needed to compete in this century. The committee accomplishes its work through three subcommittees and the full committee. Each of the subcommittees addresses issues that support higher levels of student achievement.


Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children (ECENC) Program Information


2017-2018 Accountability Manual: for the Annual School and District Report Card System for SC Public Schools and School Districts, to be published in November 2018


2018 Education Pilot Program RFP (download in MS Word)
2018 Education Pilot Program Budget Template (download in MS Excel)


2018-19 EIA Budget Request Forms
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2018-19 EIA Program Report (for new requests)

2018-19 Program Report (for currently-funded programs)


EOC 2018 Report to the SC General Assembly
(interactive report best viewed with non-Apple products)

EOC 2018 Report to the SC General Assembly
(PDF version of the report)

Summary of EOC actions related to merging the state and federal accountability systems

Martin's Math Club and 


Student Reading Success Activity Guide, June 2015
available for download


Report State Agency Fraud (Office of the Inspector General)