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7. What are suggestions to share with parents (and families) on how they can support their child as a reader and writer?


·        Read to children! There is no better way to help a child (big or small) then to read to them or with them.

·        Empower children by allowing them to choose the books they want to read based on their interests.

·        Surround children with a variety of fiction and non-fiction books. Sometimes, this just means making time for frequent visits to the library.

·        Encourage children to read everywhere! There are many opportunities to read in the grocery store. Just check out the cereal and greeting card aisles.


·        Encourage the children in your life to ask “Why?” and then find the answer through reading.


·        Model good behavior and get caught reading! Show children you value reading. 


·        Congratulate students personally and publicly for academic achievement – every chance you get. Expect them to do their best in and out of school.


·        Talk to the children in your life! Give them positive reinforcement and make certain they know that you are there for them.