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8.    What are suggestions to share with businesses and community members on how they can support children as readers and writers? 

Involvement from the community and caring

individuals is essential to create real and lasting

improvements in reading student achievement. Here

are some ways you can help:

·        Volunteer to be a reading tutor for students who are not reading on grade level.


·        Sponsor a teacher at a Boys and Girls Club to give students the extra help they need.


·        Donate books to text-free or text-poor zones. Children need books in their home to read and learn!


·        Donate or loan out transportation for summer and out-of-school-time reading programs.


·        Think of innovative ways to promote reading in your community or your workplace – company billboards can be a great space to spread the word or ask your community newspaper if you can write an article.


·        Participate as a lunch buddy or reading buddy to students at local schools.


·        Take extra children’s books to your local schools or daycare centers – tell them to let the children pick out what they want to read.