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Standards Review

In accordance with Act 200, the State Board of Education, in consultation with the EOC, is directed to conduct a cyclical review of the SC ELA and mathematics academic standards to ensure the standards are maintaining high expectations for teaching and learning.

Per Act 200, the revised standards, once approved by the EOC and the SC State Board of Education, will become the standards in school year 2015-16.

Review of Current Standards

To accomplish the task of reviewing the current standards, the EOC conducted an online survey that was live from July to September 2014. The report on the findings can be found here.

Review of Draft Standards from SCDE Writing Panels

Report of the Evaluation Teams (December 2014)


EOC Evaluation Team Members


Standards Timeline March 3, 2015

Standards Transmitted from SCDE

The following standards were transmitted from the SCDE to the EOC on February 12, 2015. Both the ELA and Math standards have received first reading approval from the State Board of Education. On March 2, 2015, the ASA Subcommittee of the EOC approved the standards and addenda.

ELA Standards

Addendum to ELA Standards approved by ASA Subcommittee March 2, 2015

Math Standards

Addendum to Math Standards approved by ASA Subcommittee March 2, 2015


Summary of EOC Staff analysis of 2007/2008 Math and ELA Standards,
Common Core State Standards, and SC College and Career-Ready Standards


Copies of all the website comments are available if requested in Excel format. We are unable to post Excel spreadsheets online currently. Please contact Dana Yow at