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The South Carolina Education Oversight Committee (EOC) is charged with encouraging continous improvement in SC public schools, approving academic content standards and assessments, and establishing the state's educational accountability system. Click here to view the EOC Fact Brochure.

New EOC Reports:

Reading Performance (2012)
Annual update of reading performance across school districts.
          South Carolina Statewide and District Level Briefs


White Papers - Innovation
The first white paper summarizes the statutory and regulatory flexibility that school districts in South Carolina have been given. However, promoting dramatic innovation in schools and districts will likely require changes in the allocation of resources. The second paper documents how school districts in the state are using the existing flexibility provisions that have also been granted.

A Review of South Carolina School District Utilization
of Financial Flexibility Provisions

Section I: Indivdual School Districts
Section II: Flexibility Provisions
Section III: All School Districts

A Review of South Carolina's K-12 Public Education Laws, Regulations, and Policies for Innovation and Flexibility
(Updated January 30, 2012)

Budget Recommendations
The legislature requires the EOC to annually review all EIA-funded programs and recommend budget and proviso recommendations for the EIA and EAA. These recommendations are based upon the objectives of the EOC and the accounability reports that are submitted each fall by programs (2011-2012 Budget Program Reports).

Recommendations for EIA Budget for FY2012-13

Report for Proviso 1.97
The following reports demonstrates how the implementation of the EOC's funding model would have impacted school districts for the current Fiscal Year.

Report per Proviso
Appendix Summary
State Total Projections

The following  briefs are monthly synopsis that look deeper into our state K-12 educational system from the district and school levels.

     Reading Retention
College Admission Exam
            Top 100 SAT Total Scores: NC, SC and GA
            Bottom 100 SAT Total Scores: NC, SC and GA
    Federal Ratings and Assessment Results
       2012 Legislative Investments
       Postsecondary Success
       South Carolina's Progress Toward the 2020 Vision
       National Rankings Released
       Analysis of the SAT Scores: "Part II"
       Analysis of 2011 SAT Results: "Part I"